Sensor Club

A little journey through the time

The sensor opened his gates at the beginning of January 1996 at Andreasstrasse 50 in Zurich-Oerlikon, and in my opinion, it was one of the best, most and qualitative clubs in Switzerland until September 25, 1999 (Closing Party).

The location alone was unique.

Up to 3 floors were used depending on the event.

Ground floor: Mainfloor Techno, Trance
1st floor: Housefloor
3rd floor: Chillout (only for larger events, mainly Saturdays)
September 25, 1999 - Shots from Closing Party

Unfortunately, today you cannot find anything online about this unique club anymore.

The atmosphere, decoration and even the perfect sound have been a unique experience up to today. With these pictures and "A Club Night at Sensor" you can experience a little journey back in time to 1998.
enjoy it....

Another Video which was filmed in the sensor club too at a Deka Dance event with Star DJ Sven S├Ąth. The documentary was broadcasted by 3Sat in 1997.


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