Energy Allstars

Atmospheric Sun

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Energy Allstars - Atmospheric Sun

"Atmospheric Sun"

Energy 04 Theme

was published in June 2004 shortly before the major event "Energy" which takes place every year at the "Hallenstadion Zurich".
The video was shot 2004.05.28 at the Monument Paxmal in Walenstadt St.Gallen, and it was anything but properly coordinated. We arrived too late and that was the reason why not all DJ's are in the video from the beginning on. Nobody knew exactly how our plan is etc. To sum up, it was a really chaotic, crazy and really funny day :-)

The Energy Allstars team consisted on the following DJ's:
DJ Toxic, Max B Grant, DJ Spoke, Nadja (Voice), Angy Dee, DJ Simple, DJ Unique, DJ Energy, Lady Tom, Tatana and DJ Noise.


The track was produced by Langer Thomas, Steffen Christian and Vukovic Predrag and the Guitar riff was played by DJ Toxic. I also created my own remix which was on my Energy 04 mix compilation and has been published in my album Remixes Vol.1 Digitally in 2017.

Unfortunately I have no information about the the video engineering team. The video material is from Tibet and the Energy logo was rendered into it. Computers and renderings in 2004 weren't that good yet as they are today.


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